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Tax fundi knows the importance of proper tax planning for Expanding businesses . Our Services Includes the following :

• Preparation , Completion and Submission of    Annual  Income Tax Returns for Individuals ,    Companies and Close Corporations and Trusts .

• Verifying  Income Tax Assessments and    Objections to SARS and  Application for Tax    Clearance Certificates .

• Tax Planning and Saving .

• Completion and Submission of Value Added Tax    Returns (VAT).

• Completions and Submission  of PAYE/SDL/UIF    Returns and IRP 501 reconciliations .

• Payroll Administration and Salary Structuring .

• Calculation and Submission of Return of    Earnings to the Workmen’s Compensation and    Application for Letter of Good standing .

Company Secretarial Services

• Registrations of Companies and Amendments

•  Amendments to Close Corporations . No New     CC can be registered from the 1 April 2011 .

• Conversion of Close Corporation to Companies

• Submission of Annual Returns to the registrar    of Companies and Close Corporations .

• Registrations of Trust .

• Maintaining Minutes of Meetings

• Voluntary Liquidations

Business Registrations

• SARS E Filing Registrations

• Income Tax (IT)

• Value added Tax( VAT)

• Pay as you Earn (PAYE)

• Workmen’s Compensation Registrations .

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Taxfundi Services

• Monthly Accounting Services

• Compiling of Financial Statements

• Compiling of Business Plans

• Financial Advice

• Completion of Tax Returns

• Compiling of Trusts

• Accountants for Companies , Accounting Officers for Close    Corporations , Accountants for Trusts

• Help in choosing the right Accounting Software packages    and training and support thereon

• BEE Certificates

• Import / Export Certificates

• Bond Applications